Checking out dreamhost - questions about php

Hi - currently I am looking to move webhosts. A couple of questions that I didn’t see in the knowledge base:

  1. Do you have a list of banned scripts?

  2. Currently I only use two php scripts - postnuke and phpbb (no mods). My postnuke site averages about 400 to 500 pageviews a day, while my board averages to be 7.52 topics and 17.02 users a day. Would this be acceptable on the Sweet Dreams plan?

  3. Say my original domain name is If I point the domain to my account, will the URL pages under that subdomain stay as to make it look like it has its own website separate from

  1. The Terms of Service states that IRC-related activities, BitTorrent software, or severely CPU intensive CGI scripts (e.g. chat scripts, scripts which have bugs causing them to not close properly after being run) are not encouraged..

  2. That should be no problem. Dreamhost even has phpbb as a One-Click Install.

  3. Yes, you can keep the domains totally seperated.

When you add a new domain/subdomain you can choose the following services:

  • Fully Hosted Domain (seperate home directory, log, mail, etc)
  • Domain Redirect (domain that redirects to another site immediately / browser URL changes)
  • “Fake” Domain Redirect (display another site at your domain using a frame / browser URL remains the same)
  • Mirrored Domain (a domain that mirrors another site’s content / browser URL remains the same)
  • Parked Domain (domain place-holder website with a generic DreamHost ‘coming soon’ message)

Some of the differences are explained here.

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