Checking my site before my domain is working!


hey guys, i have uploaded some stuf onto my dreamhost webspace but am waiting for my old domain to become re registered with the new host! how can i check that the new site is working? my domain will be so might it be something like as my username is snowriders, cheers alan


Find the IP address of the server your site’s on. And add an entry into: C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

That will tell your browser to resolve the domain name to the IP address you put in there. Which will allow you to test your site w/out any DNS changes.


So, should we be able to just put the ip address in our toolbar and go there. ? I tried that using the ip address of this ftp server, but this does not work. Is there really no good way to do this? I’ve been stuck waiting for hours trying to do such a simple thing. In addition to this, my site will now switch over at some random time, without me being prepared. How can someone who does not run windows accomplish this?


No, that’s because websites are named based. That means: When you goto, your browser tells the webserver you want The webserver then looks through it’s configs for “” and pulls up the approrpriate pages. Going directly to the IP sends the IP address and web server does not know what site to pull up. So you get a default config (or one that’s been assigned directly to that IP address).

There’s more than one domain on a single ip address which is why the named based hosting is required. It minimizes the required IP pool to allow more domain hosting. If it wasn’t for named based hosting, half these sites on the net wouldn’t exsist. :wink:
Just a hint; there are more websites on the internet than there are IPv4 IP addresses. :slight_smile:

When you add it to your hosts file, you tell your browser what IP to use for the domain so your browser can correctly connect to the right server AND send across the domain name in it’s request.


[quote]Would this be a good time to suggest voting for the following suggestion?

2004-06-30 New Features Automatically set up for new domains to test before DNS propagates.[/quote]
Host file is simpler, it’s just not many people know about it or how to configure it. :wink: