Checking for files uploaded

Dear all,

I am new to Dreamhost. I tried to look for files that was uploaded to Dreamhost without success.

Which directory or where to find it ? Can anyone help me ?

I am more used to Hostgator with a cpanel where you can do almost anything. Is there something like this in Dreamhost ?

Thanks in advance !

A standard FTP client logs you into your home directory. Inside that is a folder called something like, named after your domain. All of your stuff belongs in there.

p.s. Make sure you’re logging in as the User who owns your domain, as shown in the panel under Manage Domains.


Thanks Scott for the quick reply !

I am using Dreamweaver FTP. So if I log in, can I still see the files in my account ?

Also if I use other FTP client, can I re-structure the files there or just view it only ?

Sorry, I am still new to this FTP stuff.

Thanks again !

I don’t use Dreamweaver, so I don’t know how FTP looks there.

Restructuring files, if you mean moving them around folders, depends on your FTP client. A good GUI-based FTP client works much like Windows Explorer.

Here’s some stuff in the wiki and forum:


If it helps the OP I’ve been using FileZilla which is relatively easy to use.

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Yes, in Dreamweaver you will beable to see your files both on the server and on your own system. You can switch between the two views. However since both views stay identicle viewing the local files is normally enough. The exception is when you use one click installs or a seperate ftp program and place files in the server that are not on your local system. Then viewing the server can be beneficial to find files that you need to edit.
I recommend that you get filezilla ftp program as well. It can be handy for the quick edits that can be done in notepad or wordpad.

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