Checking a site before changing DNS

We’re migrating to dreamhost from another webhost. We purchased dreamhost service yesterday and I’ve transferred the webpage files from the other server to the directory in my dreamhost account that is the name of my domain…

My question is: is there any way for me to make sure those are working properly before I change the DNS settings to point to the dreamhost servers? I conjectured that I could perhaps point a browser to but that didn’t work.

It would be helpful to make sure the files were transferred properly before I changed the DNS settings… Any ideas?

Add a new domain in the panel and choose Use that until your DNS has been updated.

But if you want to you can add your real domain to the system and point your operating system to use DreamHost’s DNS servers while you make tests.

The DreamHost Wiki Article “Viewing site before DNS change”, describes a couple of ways to do this…


Thanks to you both!