Check your stats!

While attempting to access my stats today, I discovered that none of the stats pages for any of my websites were secured by a password. Anyone could view them by going to mywebsite.tld/stats.

Customer support was able to fix this promptly (by re-adding the .htaccess and .htpasswd files to the log directories), and for that I am thankful, but, unfortunately, when they moved our sites to new servers, they deleted all of our sites’ statistics, and I was told that they could not be recovered. This is a real bummer. I wish DH would have warned us that they were deleting our stats, so we would have known to back them up.

This is just a heads-up to check your sites to make sure only you and those you approve can access your stats in case this has happened to you.

Thanks, but did you enable these stats first or they are enabled by default ?

Hi. Based on the WIKI article, it has a password set. I’d recommend to review below.

Heads-up aside; Here is a heads-up: no one cares.

If stats are unimportant, then by all means disregard them.

If stats are important, then they should be publicly acknowledgeable.