Check hotlinking

Is it possible see if someone hotlink my images ? I have a log analyzer

a person says to use this ssh command:

cat /home//logs//http/access.log | grep jpg | awk {‘print $11’} | grep -v

but iit shows only a list of folder :frowning:

Look at your Analog statistics ( and see if you have higher-than-usual requests for images. Check the referrer information.

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i don’t have stats, is it normal ?

Did you activate statistics for your domain?
Via the ControlPanel status/statistics page.
See the wiki here for more information.


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Hello Vendetta

If your want to protect your pics from hotlinking, you’ll have to create a htaccess file, and upload this file in your root directory.

You will specify in this file the types of images you want to protect (jpeg,gif etc…) and you can even create a replacement image called nohotlink.jpe

Creating a htaccess is quite easy, you can go here to read the full tutorial :