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Hi Everyone,

I would like to host my site, I have seen many hosting review sites…I have notices giving in depth knowledge on hosting companies and henceit did not take me long to decide .It is the best review site I have so far seen. I would welcome any suggestion and help.

Greeta Grace.

I use DreamHost and are very satisfied. They are reliable and cheap if you consider the amount of space and services you get. (I SWEAR! I did nominate myself!)
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Where’s the in-depth review of hosting on that site? I can’t find anything but lists of standard plan features.

I’m worried that it’s just another fake review site…

I’m happy with DreamHost, but I’m happy with my backup hosting company as well.

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The problem I find with review forums in general (not just for hosting) is that the people most likely to post to them are the people who have had bad experiences. This in general I feel makes the reviews a bit skewed towards the negative. Thats not to say that negative reviews shouldn’t be ignored there may be a reason for them.

A lot of the review sites seem to be just a load of rubbish anyway and are simply set up to punt affiliate codes.

The best thing to do is to choose a host with a money back guarantee so if it does go wrong you don’t lose out. Pay by credit card if possible to get insurance through that.

My personal experience with dreamhost is that they are reliable, if there is a problem they usually give full information on what happened and what they have done to avoid the same problems in future. The service is great for what it costs.

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I believe the original poster in this thread is a SpamBot. :slight_smile:


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It is. That’s his/her site and this isn’t the only place it’s being spammed.

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