Chat without Jabber

I have searched throughout most of the forum looking for good chat programs that DH would be happy with. It would be nice if DH would comment and suggest more in the threads about live chat rooms. I personally am looking for something simple but has features such as wispering. Has anyone tried clubchat out ( It uses only PHP and mySQL…no java. DH really needs to write a good FAQ about chat rooms and offer up some suggestions other than the annoying infamous Jabber. =)

You can use any chatroom you want on your page. The only reason DH provides a dedicated Jabber server for each account, is because Jabber’s like IRC in the fact that you use Jabber to communicate via a dedicated server. Jabber is, in a sense, a chatroom with an external client app.

Jabber is amazing and what is even more amazing is the fact that Dreamhost offers it :smiley:

It even gets better because soon iChat will support Jabber (well it already does in 10.4 build 8a294 but it crashes like every 20 mins). :smiley:

Jabber = :smiley: :smiley:

Back on topic, I’d look into something that doesn’t use an applet for web based chat. You might also want to consider something like a shoutbox because a live chat php or cgi is going to use up a lot of bandwidth.

True, but how does Jabber help when you need a chat room where people don’t have to register and can use any name that they wish? If I am way off please let me know. =)

Also, I am pretty sure that DH will get really mad if people start installing resource hungry live chat applications on their servers. DH should give suggestions to people on what some options are if Jabber doesn’t meet your needs.

All chat apps are resource hungry aren’t they?

On shared hosting chat is just not good for your neighbors.

I would think a java front to an IRC channel would be the least DH server intensive way to go. php/mysql chats use a ton of resources and daemons/socket servers aren’t allowed so…? But think of your neighbors whatever you decide :slight_smile:


Yeah, I most likely will be stuck upgrading to have a unique IP address and putting up an IRC client…even though that’s not my favorite solution. However, dreamhost has been gracious with everything else for the price so I can’t complain that much. =)

Does anyone have a suggestion for an IRC client?
One that will allow the most browsers and systems to use?

Try this :slight_smile: