Chat Script?

can anyone recommend a simple chat script that I can run on DH? I’m looking for a very light application, preferably written in php or cgi to allow a few (max 10) people to log on and chat.

the reason I’m looking for this is a I have a class this semester in our school’s mac lab and we’re not allowed to install any programs (actually locked out of) so I can’t put in yahoo messenger or anything like that. Thus I need a program to give me some real time access with the rest of the world (albeit a small 10 people world)

–Matttail - personal website

Too bad you can’t use jabber as that would be the best preferred method…

Otherwise, you can try phpfreechat - works extremely well:

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God, I hate to even mention this, but as a “last resort” you can use AIM via http// , which has a web interface to AIM. There. I’ve typed it, and now I have to go scrub my hands. :frowning:



DH, please archive this thread forever. :wink:
rlparker, you might want to wash off the keyboard as well.



It’s bad enough I’m stuck using a mac with a single button mouse, and now you want me to use AOL on top of it!?!? Oh the horrors!

LOL. Thanks for the suggestion though, it might be worth a try. I think I’ve just about got this phpchat working, so hopefully I won’t have to resort to that.

–Matttail - personal website