Chat Rooms

I noticed that chat room scripts are discouraged as being bug-prone and bandwith hogs. Running one of the major chat servers that is proven technology usually requires running a daemon or background job, which DH allows.

Can anyone recommend one that has decent features and will not cause any problems with resources/bandwidth?


Come on guys, there must be ONE chat program that works without hogging resources!

Two major chat companies won’t return my email’s and another has been taken over by Arab Eliteist’s. (Scary chatroom!)

I know all the irc versions are out of the question. Some of the more expensive Java/servlet/client/etc… ones work pretty well. Some of you must have tried them?

I am curious too. My worst-case scenario is 25 connected. I’ve been using build-a-chat on another host with no reported ill effects, but it is an Evil CGI-based chat so I don’t dare try it here. OK, I might dare. But I’d rather be A Model Citizen – I’m spending my own money on this volunteer stuff so I need to know what, if anything, will be OK before I blow any more dough. I’m not a personal chat-fan (drives me crazy watching all those out-of-synch conversations) but the lack of chat is a crushing blow to my recommendation of this host for one of my non-profits. It seems perfect otherwise.

Yea, I bought build-a-chat too and just don’t like it. Don’t try the server-push method as it really boggs-down the server.

I’m loading the demo version of Real Chat now to see how it behaves, although it’s $495 and that’s a lot more than I wanted to spend.

Here’s the deal. Put jirc ( (java IRC connection) on your site. Register a channel on a smaller network (such as craplink - check for others)

Then, all you need is a moderator. You now have chat “on your page”, with very minimal bandwidth, not much in the way of traffic, and none of the “big network” problems. I’ve done that on several sites now, and it works great.

Hope that helps.

How about Wiredon Chat? =>


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