Chat rooms supported by dreamhost?


I am running a phpBB and would like to add a chat room. I have tried FlashChat, but apparently there are issues with the zend running on DH.

I would like a room that has multple rooms. A low resource, a quick response time is nice.

If you are running any chat rooms and are happy with it, I would appreciate if you could let me know where I can view one.


I am looking at a room called X7. Does anybody have experience with it, and will DH have difficulty with the prgram?

In order for you to use a chat room, it can not be a dameon or run in the background, if you are on a shared server. I am currently running blab. It is a very watered down program, but works. If you want to try it you can goto my web site and chat with a friend. You and your friend can log on as guests. If this works good enough for you, you will find the link to Blab on Dreamhost wiki listed under web>chatrooms.
Address to my web site is

TY I appreciate your assistance.