Chat Room


How do I set up or connect to the chat room in Dreamhost because the server is acting weird. Its fast sometimes and its not few secs later.


That chat room has always given me performance related grief, and I gave up on it long ago. I find IRC on’s #dreamhost channel to be a great place though. :wink:



Can you provide instructions on how to set up and connect to that channel ?


Generally, all you need to do is obtain an IRC client for your computer, and then use it to connect to freenode. Once there, you can “/join” the “#dreamhost” channel.

If you have never used IRC (Internet Relay Chat) before, the following links will probably be helpful: Wikipedia article on IRC IRC Help Archive
http://irc://freenode/ Freenode home page

There is a good list of IRC client software in the Wikipedia article. It may seem like a lot to absorb at first, but it is not really that difficult, and there are many channels available for almost any interest on IRC.



I just want to know why my server is so slow to load my site. ganon is the server Im on.