Chat installation

I have this chat in but i need to give webserver permissions to write in /phpfreechat-1.5/data/public and/phpfreechat-1.5/data/private(which i already did changing permissions to 777 for each dir). In localhost i had to change the owner of /phpfreechat-1.5 to apache to be alble for the chat to run. How do i do the same, or do i have another solutions for the chat to run.


You’re using an older version of phpFreeChat (they appear to be on version 2.0.5). Still, according to their documentation you should have it owned by the account running PHP and you should be okay. What errors are you getting?

I get no errors. It just don’t run. Try the above link.

In the novomedico.php file, you’re making calls to the 2.0.5 folder: phpfreechat-2.0.5

But you have phpfreechat-1.5 installed. So you would want to edit that page and point to the right files :slight_smile: See how that goes.

That’s ok was an error, but didn’t solve. The script creates in …/…/phpfreechat-1.5/data/public, all the *.js he needs. In my localhost i, when check the html code page, i have access to those *.js files the script creates,i can see them(the code), but in other hand when i do the same procedure
on line i’ve not access to *.js code. That’s because i suspect that the script can create them.

I looked in your error logs and I see this:

However, reading their directions, you have the phpfreechat folder in the wrong place.

Right now you have it in /home/username/phpfreechat-1.5/

That direction means you should put it in /home/username/

Then you’d change chat.php to be looking for …/phpfreechat-1.5/ (or /phpfreechat-1.5/)

i did what u said but now it returns a error - Error: ‘chat.js.tpl.php’ could not be found, please check your themepath ‘/home/iondun/phpfreechat-1.5/src/…/themes’ and your theme ‘default’ are correct.
The chat is in
chat.php is <?php
require_once “…/phpfreechat-1.5/src/phpfreechat.class.php”; // adjust to your own path
$params[“serverid”] = md5(FILE); // used to identify the chat
$params[“title”] = “Chat esclarecimento de dúvidas - Evolutive Solutions”;
$params[“theme_path”] = “…/phpfreechat-1.5/themes/default”; <-- I try here to change the theme
path location because of erro but still reamains.

It’s solved i really had to change the theme_path and use these two functions in <?php $chat->printJavascript(); ?>
<?php $chat->printStyle(); ?>

Thanks for support Ipstenu-DH.

Glad you got it working :smiley: Have a great weekend.