Chat, again

IRC is right out for my board of directors (we can barely manage to use a mailing list properly; still, they want to try ‘chat’ meetings). I need something dead simple, low admin overhead, and that doesn’t damage my intent to remain a model DH citizen. There would be no more than 21 of us. Voodoo Chat looks promising (at least it promises to be frugul with server load) but I don’t really have a sense of what constitutes a large or small server load. From the about page:

Would I be allowed to run a Perl daemon and is 10Mb a large or small amount of server memory to borrow for an hour or two once or twice a month?

I haven’t had much luck with this sort of thing at all, getting them to let you run a daemon that is. I understand the reasoning behind it I s’pose but it sure would be nice to open up something for chat capabilities. I couldn’t even get anything going web based for jabber and they were pretty hot for that when they first decided to support it.

There’s a good business niche for you, chat hosting =)


Feh…didn’t like it as much in testing. Still looking for something practical without resorting to Yahoo.