Charging during free trial? (Relatively urgent help required)


Hi guys.

Hopefully someone here can help me out relatively quickly!

I signed up an account for a friend of mine (I’m setting up a wordpress for him) and we were intending to give him the account details in a few days so he could sort out the payment for himself. So i registered the account and hopped onto the panel.

I was met with a ‘‘You currently owe: $85.45 make payment’’ When i’d ticked the free trial section.

Now, I put my card details in because it was a required field - I may be entirely misunderstanding here, but will i be charged anything before the two weeks are up? Because if So i’ll need some rather swift support help to shut the account before it all clears, and we’ll set it up in a few days with his.

I DID however tick the ‘‘I need a new domain’’ and rather stupidly didn’t consider that would be charged prior to the trial ending, i can’t seem to change any of this on the panel BEFORE its done pending. And its got me a bit worried i’m going to be hit with charges on my account (Which there is basically £0 in) before i can get any help from support. I did email them, but im not sure how the time compares and i was worried it’d clear the pending stage and charge before they got back to me.

Feel free to call me an idiot if im miunderstanding this, I could well be! And hope i am hah!

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

PS: I Would attempt to call to have this dealt with quicker, but not only did i not check the box (Assuming my friend would configure it all once it was done.) I’m also in the UK, so i would be slapped with extremely hefty international call rates.


To be straight to the point, we don’t charge you for the any actual service until the 2 week trial is up.
We do a small charge of $1.50 and return it immediately just to verify that the card is active.
Mistakes happen all the time and if you don’t want your card charged for the extra domain you can submit a ticket here:
And someone from our Support Team will get it all sorted it out :slight_smile:
Hope this answered your question!
Let me know if there is anything else.


Fantastic, thank you.

So if we were to change the card details over too my friend, after the two weeks he will be charged the $85 at the end of the two weeks? I may have been really silly and missed it but my brain read the UI on the panel as ‘‘you owe us 85!’’ hah!

Thats great. I’ll send a ticket off now to cancel the domain, thanks for the quick response. :slight_smile:


That’s correct!
As long as you change the credit card information BEFORE the 2 week trial ends, that’s the card that will charged.
Most likely the $1.50 will be charged to that card again but like before it will be refunded right away.
I can understand why the “You owe us $85” can be a little misleading as it’s all in your face, but we do that so you can always see how much you owe and when it’s due :slight_smile:
And no problem! That’s why we’re here! You can always reach us here on the forums (or awesome customer forum watchers), send us a ticket through the Panel, or on Twitter @dreamhostcare & Facebook!


Great. I sent of a ticket to cancel the domain, we can get that sorted once i’ve done the site.

This is why people shouldn’t let the graphics guy sort out the tech side! :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe a stupid question, but if he cancels the domain, will his client be able to register it again, since they will need that domain name.


Yes, the domain should be available to register again if someone else hasn’t already registered it.