Charged for domain name during free trial?

I signed up to the free trial, it says the domain name is free with hosting but it seems like I’ve been charged for the cost of the domain name.

Under manage account it says I have “1 registered, 1 free on this account” for the domain. How does this work?

Bottom line is that DH has to pay some amount out of pocket to register a domain name. There’s no “free trial” for a domain registration, and that’s not just a DreamHost gotcha.

I never tried the Free Trial, so I don’t know if there’s some alert about paying for a domain name registration. I hope there is. In the end, you get to keep that domain name that you wanted anyhow and can later transfer it to another web host if you don’t stick with DreamHost.

If you do stick with DreamHost, then you get a $9.95 credit per year to cover the expense of a domain registration.


Thanks for that.

Though I do wish they told me prior to signing up. It’s rather misleading since it clearly said that it’s free if you sign up with webhosting.

I’ts totally misleading and even more frustrating if you didn’t want the free trial in the first place. I tried registering for a year of hosting and eventual did, but the user interface makes it hard to just buy 1 year of free hosting. They steer you towards the free trial.

The signup does say this:

However I understand your confusion. I’ll pass this on to sales and maybe we can re-word it.