Character gets converted in .htaccess file

I’ve been trying to install a redirect setting using an .htaccess file
on my server. I seem to have worked everything out, yet for some
reason the server keeps on giving me an error because it keeps
converting the character “?” to “?” for some reason. If you go to
this page (, you can see that it redirects, but creates an error because of the
converted character. Is there some configuration on the server that would be causing this causing this? Any help would be appreciated.

I assume you meant to type something else when you said it converted a question mark character to a question mark character. I don’ t know if this will work, but try replacing the question mark with “?” (without the quotes). This is the ISO entity for the character.


I just had to pop in here, becuase you both seem to be having the same problem with your ?'s getting converted to ?'s… Kinda funny actually.

trying putting sapces between each charcter, normally it can’t parse it then.


Well, drat! LOL!