Character encoding

i have a problem with the character encoding in my site (

i just moved from my old hosting, uploading all the files from my wordpress installation and importing my database. no change was needed, as the domain name is still the same

so, i didn’t change the character encoding, which was utf8. but i get strange characters.

i supouse this has to be because of how i used phpmyadmin to backup the database or how i used mysql shell commands to import it, but i don’t know why or what should i change for this to be solved

any ideas on what i forgot to do?

btw, i used phpMyAdmin 2.6.0-pl3 (MySQL version 4.1.15) with MySQL charset, UTF-8 Unicode (utf8) and the connection collation utf8_general_ci to make the backup

i used “source dump.sql” to import it here