Chaning Analog 6.0 to something else?

At the moment, I’m using the default Analog 6.0 to check out the info on my site. Is tehre a way to change it to a different way of viewing stats? Before I used Dreamhost, I used Bluehost and the one they had for viewing stats was what I’m looking for now

Everyone is stuck with dreary Analog, I’m afraid. You can go to the Suggestions area of the Control Panel and vote for something else (I voted for AWStats, for example), or you can go through the arduous process of installing your own statistics package.

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As scjessey already noted, Analog is the DH tool that is pre-installed; to use a completely different stats package, you will need to wait until/if DH changes from Analog or install another yourself.

That said there are a couple of other alternatives that might be helpful:

  1. You can modify some of how Analog reports your site statistics from the Control Panel, by browsing to the Status -> Site Stats page. From there you can modify the number of days logs are retained and some of the features of the Analog reports.

  2. You can also download your raw logs and process them on your own computer using other software - sometimes this is just easier than installing a custom stats package if you are doing specific research for a given period of time.


Add me to list of people that clicked the button to vote for AWStats.

I wonder why DH doesn’t switch. It seems like just about every other host does offer it… and I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say they love Analog.

That said, I have done the AWStats installation in the wiki for a domain or two and didn’t think it was too big of a deal… it just seems like something you shouldn’t have to do.

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I installed AWStats using the Wiki docs, and it doesn’t work right for me. It doesn’t report my stats for most days. This is definitely something that you shouldn’t have to do.