Changing URL's


Please bear with me - I know a lot of people ask this question but their situation always seems a bit different with different replies. And I get so confused.

I have a an established blog ex.= and the URL is hosted here. I just bought a new URL ex.= and have it set to fully hosted here as well.

If I want the to be my new URL, can I just redirect this right from the Manage Domain tab here on Dreamhost?

This seems so simple and that is what I’m looking for. I get overwhelmed reading all the methods to change a URL.


You could do a re-direct, but that is probably not what you are looking for because it will result in being displayed in the URL bar.

You also haven’t told us if the app you are working with is wordpress, but nonetheless, the situation will be similar.

First thing you want to so is make sure is fully hosted USING THE SAME USER as currentdomain.
Next, go into wp-admin and update the url to, you will get an error, ignore it for now.
Next, open your FTP program and
Rename to TEMP
Rename to
Rename TEMP to
This reverses the two domains, assuming you have made your change in wp-admin.
Once you have determined that everything is working you will probably want to delete (which now most likely holds the dreamhost quickstart file from adding hosting under that domain) then once it is deleted, redirect THAT domain to so that existing users can still find your site.


Oh no - the redirect is definitely not what I want - thanks for explaining that. I do not want my current domain name still showing in the URL bar.

It is wordpress.

I have made the new URL fully hosted under same user name.
How do I get to wp-admin? Is this phpMyAdmin from the manage SQL database tab? ( you have to talk to me like I’m three. Seriously)

I’ll stop here because I have to figure this step out before moving on. I hope you are still here :\


Add /wp-admin to the end of the URL and then login with your admin user.


Ok got it. Is this under General tab where is says

Wordpress URL =

site URL =


LakeRat - thanks for all your help. I pulled in a “computer smarty” for help and with your step by step instructions, it all worked out great.

Have a great day!