Changing up site organization



Currently, our site is set up in the following manner:
[–/main - Joomla
[–/forums - phpBB 2.x
[–/gallery - Gallery 2.x

What I’d like to do is get rid of Joomla (can’t get it to work happily), and then install WordPress, but not in a subdirectory, basically with the following structure: - WordPress
[–/forums - phpBB 2.x
[–/gallery - Gallery 2.x

However, the problem is that the DreamHost Web Panel states that there should be no other files in a directory when doing an install. I don’t want to risk overwriting /forums and /gallery when I install WordPress. Is there a reliable way to go about doing this? Should I freeze the site, pull down the /forums and /gallery directories, install WordPress, then upload them again?

Thanks for your suggestions!


In a situation like this I would just install wordpress manually. It’s really not a difficult install as their software makes it very easy. Just make sure you create the database in the control panel before you start the install.


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This is a situation where I would advise you to install WordPress manually. The requirement to have an empty directory for the WordPress install is a characteristic of the DreamHost “one-click” installer; you can install WordPress in non-empty directories just fine using the manual installation method - just make sure that you have no conflicting subdirectories. :wink:

Installing WordPress manually is really easy to do (almost as easy as the one-click install). To do this, you first create a database for WordPress to use (using the control panel) or simply use one of the databases you already have available (WordPress supports table prefixes.

The whole process is described in the WordPress documentation, which provides step-by-step instructions (see



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Not easy, but you can cheat the one click installer, doing a mv of all dirs and all to a tmp directory install what you need and then mv all things again… in any case the others advice is somewhat better, in any case before doing anything with your sites do a backup :slight_smile:

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Well, yeah … that too! :slight_smile:



I’d be comfortable doing a manual install, so that sounds good to me. Thanks for the heads up. :slight_smile: