Changing to another plan


I recently created a web site for a friend of a friend. It is hosted on my dreamhost plan. The domain is is already registered in whois as belonging to my friend.

I wondered if it is possible for my friend to register for a hosting plan with dream host and for the domain to be transfered to the newly registered domain?

I appreciate that i could just create ftp access but he is specifically asking about hosting costs (there aren’t any as i’ve pre paid for two years), so i’d rather he sorted out the hosting himself as he is starting to be a bit nippy with wanting me to tweak things or him.

If this is possible, what is involved in doing so.

Hopefully, this isn’t too tricky to do.



ps will anyone read this when the super bowl is on in the US? I doubt it!!!

I believe the free domain has to be a new registration, but you could check with DH.

He could just pick another domain for free, then when his account is up and running and he has a grasp of the control panel basics, he can just transfer the domain you’re hosting to his own account–since they all come with unlimited domains.

If you’re getting stuck with helping him, that would probably make things easier for both of you, since he could learn the control panel with a new domain–rather than mess things up with the site he already has.

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thanks for the information.

I was also wondering if there are any costs associated with transfer to another DH plan and also what i would have to do on my control panel to release the domain.

If anyone could point me in the direction of where to find this info on the site that would be really good of you



The only cost involved would be him having to buy his own plan. He wouldn’t even need to change anything with the registrar, since the nameservers are the same.

Now that I think about it though, I’m not sure how the DH system would handle him adding the domain while it’s still on your account. If there’s a check to stop this from happening, I’d assume that it would be system-wide and not just per server.

There should be a way that lets it happen, without you dumping it, then him adding it–but it might have to be done by support.

On the other hand, since the nameservers would be the same, if you deleted it, and he added it right away, there shouldn’t be much of a downtime. The “Oops, I didn’t see that coming” to this method could be that you delete it, but it hangs in the system, then doesn’t let him add it right away.

Unless someone else has done this here and speaks up, I’d probably run it by support and see what they recommend. I’ve only ever had one account at a time, and just added users, so I never had to push anything to another account.

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