Changing themes on wordpress using dreamhost

I am new to dreamhost and Wordpress and I need to change my theme but started out by downloading the easy install. It is my understanding that I need to download the advanced version. How do I do that? Should I delete everything and start over?

You can use wp-admin Tools to Export your posts before starting over.


I went ahead and deleted my domain but I still get this message when I try to add it back.
This domain is already a oneclick! Please delete it here first if you would like to have it fully hosted! I don’t see any domains being hosted by dreamhost anymore. Thanks for the help

It takes a bit of time for the old one to clear the system. Keep trying back every couple of hours or so.


Thanks for the help. I will check back later

It’s been about 5 days and I still can’t host my old domain address on dreamhost. Any other ideas?

Submit a ticket to Support. They should be able to manually clear it out.