Changing the Wordpress install directory

I have previously moved my wordpress installation from a subdirectory to the root everything has been working fine, i am even logging in at

As a result of the recent attempt to auto-update to 3.5 i received an email saying it couldnt update…

The problem was directory /home/username/ doesn’t exist

Is there a way I can change the Wordpress installation location, to be the root and not this non-existent subdirectory?

Thanks so much.

It looks like moving your site caused the one-click to be out of sync. There are a few options here.

  1. Move the site back, but use Giving WP it’s own directory to make it look like it’s in

  2. Edit the one click upgrader to notify you that the upgrade needs to happen, and then do it manually

  3. Delete it from the one-click list

It’s possible we can change it on the backend, though, so if you want to open a ticket and ask we change the one-click installer to point to / instead of /ethicalsocialmedia1, we can give it a shot. :slight_smile: