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This is my first post although I frequent here now and again…

I am using Pixelpost software v.7.1.3 and I am have a difficult time changing the URL from to

I have also been in the Pixelpost forum but alas no one seems to reply… So…, can anyone shed light here or please advice me how to change the URL from to


In the DreamHost panel under Manage Domains, click Edit for for domain hosting. In that screen, under Fully Hosted, there’s a Web Directory path, which now probably says /home/USER/ The is in a text field where you can just append /pixelpost_v1.7.3/ (maybe that last slash isn’t necessary) and then your site will begin serving it with the URL you want.

Be sure to check your pixelpost configuration files and/or settings so that it knows the new URL for your domain is simply without the trailing directory.

Thanks for getting back here…

No…, /pixelpost_v1.7.3/ is not there but I am going you dig deeper on your last suggestion and get back here.



My website was always blank showing only the directories [] exactly what you see there before Pixelpost came by.

The Dreamhost administrators are really giving me a hard time to solve this mess… In my root directory there are only 4 files - 2 favicon - 2 robot.txt …, Before Pixelpost went up, I believe a file is missing from the root directory why I am having these problems.


/pixelpost_v1.7.3 needs to be there as part of your Web Directory. Add it now and your site will show up under

You will need to go to your Pixelpost Settings screen and set the URL to

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You guys are wonderful… Many many Thanks.

One more…

I have last the Pixelpost control panel, so I going to delete … start all over again and share my experience with everyone here…


Next time you install, see if you can install it straight into the directory and re-edit your Web Directory in the DreamHost panel so it’s back to plain / again.

Just an update…

Yes I can get Pixelpost to see which is a pretty good improvement, but if I remove the /pixelpost_v1.7.3 in Dreamhost panel - all bets are off… And the way back into the Pixelpost control panel - is to delete and reinstall…

I am still working on it…


Further update…

I upload Pixelpost straight into directory and install, came to the URL configuration settings in Pixelpost…, and key into the URL field - Now before I go any further with Pixepost configuration… I went into Dreamhost control panel and append /pixelpost_v1.7.3 to… and went back to Pixelpost control panel to continue the configuration… Pixelpost got upset…

I click on the back browser bar and went back to Dreamhost control panel – put back and Pixel was happy… Yes I know this sound stupid… but I am not leaving any stones unturn.

If I set in Dreamhost control panel after installing Pixelpost then you can see while at the same time Pixelpost control panel vanish… The only way back into Pixelpost control panel is to delete Pixelpost and reinstall it back to

The folder pixelpost v1.7.3 is the name I gave it so that I can identify it… But…

What a dilemma… See you guys tomorrow, I am going to my bed now…


Hey guys…

Did it for real this time!

Scott; Next time you install, see if you can install it straight into the directory and re-edit your Web Directory in the DreamHost panel so it’s back to plain / again.

That’s exactly! What I did and bingo… You sure deserve a drink Scott… Thanks. I will be back here tomorrow for your follow up…

I don’t think I am going to sleep tonight…


The two directories have to match. If you install into, pixelpost and the DreamHost panel should both be set to

If I only run one software package for my site, such as pixelpost, then I install it into In these cases, pixelpost, etc. is my site, so I don’t bury it in lower directories.

Hi Scott.

That’s true.

Mark this thread closed due to problem - is now solved.