Changing the title of the page in the browser tab

How do I change the name for my website that shows up in a browser tab from “Webpage 180110” to the name of my website?

it depends what you used to create the site.

Technically that’s whats between the and tags in html… but for example if you used wordpress you would just change the name of the site in the wordpress dashboard.

Need more info to give you the specific answer that you’re looking for.

Hello LakeRat

Thanks for the reply.
To answer your question, I created the simple home page in Word, saved it as index.htm and uploaded it using FileZilla. I am thinking of using Joomla or Wordpress to develope it further but at this stage I don’t think I have the knowledge or experience ti use either one of those.

I don’t know how Word came up with that name, there are also multiple ways to “save as” html in Word.

Take your file index.htm and open it with notepad, that will enable you to see the html markup. search for the tag which will be somewhere near the top of the file.

Thank you very much for that. All sorted now :slight_smile: