Changing the Site URL

I’ve been scrambling putting together a new site (subdomain of our existing site) to replace our outdated Joomla website before it’s disabled. I’ve developed the new site using WordPress. The directions I received for making the new site live, replacing the old one, include:

  1. rename the new site folder in ftp to match that of our old site
  2. change the folder in the dreamhost panel
  3. changing the website url using these directions

SO - I’ve worked since this morning trying to change the folder name in ftp from to CoreFTP works for about two hours, and ends delivering the following failed message: Invalid local file name or path

I have two questions:

  1. what am I doing wrong in ftp that I can’t rename the folder?
  2. Is there something else I should be doing with the old website folders, should I rename those, delete them - what? It seems like there’s an important step missing in regard to replacing the old site with the new one.

Anyone with patience and understanding for a total newbie to WordPress and to working this extensively in DreamHost able and willing to offer me guidance?

I’m so frustrated at this point, and I’ve googled and read and googled myself into being totally lost.

Thanks in advance to anyone willing/able to offer me direction.

FYI for anyone who might be inclined to spend their personal time composing a reply - I figured it out! It’s up and running, new site live and functioning replacing the old one!

I do still have a question though, can I delete all the files from the old site in ftp?

But I figured out the biggest issue - replacing the old site with the new one.