Changing the language of one-click WordPress install




I’m trying to setup a CMS in a domain and I thought about trying to use WordPress with the one-click install.

Everything was very smooth, but now the problem is that everything in that wordpress is in English.

For me that’s not a problem, I can manage it quite well, but I would like to allow other people to have admin accounts so they can add their own posts, and most important, also the messages in the public-facing side are also in English.

I don’t have too much experience with Wordpress so I might have not looked at the right place, but I haven’t been able to find any option in the admin to change that language. Googling in general the solution seems to be to download and install Wordpress in the desired language, or add the files by using FTP and editing then a file.

I’m not afraid of installing wordpress myself, but I wanted to use the one-click install so it’s automatically updated without requiring me to keep track. Is this the right solution?

If I have to add the language pack and edit a file, I expect that doing that won’t break the updates, or it becomes a non-valid solution.
But during the setup of the domain I selected as the user for the domain a oneclickuser**** or something like that because I wasn’t sure if that’s a requirement for automatic installs. The problem is that now I don’t know what’s the password of that user, so I can’t use the FTP.
If I change the password in the DreamHost panel, will I break anything?

any other suggestion?



Installing language packs shouldn’t break automatic updates, although as wordpress evolves so do the language packs, so they will need to be updated as they change. See for help on installing.

Yes you can change the password of the FTP user, the dreamhost robot that does updates and changes made from the panel doesn’t need it.


Ok, It seems that it has worked as easy as expected.
Thank you.