Changing the DNS

I purchased my domain from dreamhost. However, I have built my website on

I need to know how point my domain to a new IP #. I think this is done by going into my DNS area and changing my domain’s A-Records.

There is an existing website design on, I am replacing it with my design. There is an existing A record. Is it okay to change it? Will I screw anything up with my hosting?

So, just to be clear, before I tell you how to do it…

You purchased on DreamHost and have a hosting packge on DH

You want anyone who visits to be sent to your site design and hosted on

You understand exactly. How would you recommend proceeding?
Thank you.

You need to do two things: First navigate to manage domains in the panel and “remove hosting”. This step removes the current site and the DNS entries for it. Second, once that has been done, you will be able to enter your custom A records for by clicking the “DNS” link for the domain from the manage domains page.