Changing site from WP to Joomla


I already have a site hosted here in Wordpress. Would like to rebuild in Joomla. What would be the best way to do this? Create new directory install Joomla build new site? Not sure how to go about this one.

Thanks for any help or suggestions.


The key problem is whether you can import your WordPress database into Joomla. I know you can do the reverse. Otherwise, installing Joomla itself is not a serious issue. You can install it in a subdirectory on your site, and then point to it once it goes live.


I do not want to import. Would like to rebuild from scratch then use this new one. So all I need to do is install joomla to a new directory and create the new site then redirect my domain name to this new directory?


Then, yes, that’s all you need do. Or just throw away your WP install, and put Joomla in the same directory.


Thanks Gene


Why on earth would you want Joomla over Wordpress? That’s like choosing a honda over a BMW? Are you sure about this? That’s kind of a downgrade


Maybe the best question to ask is what kind of site this is – what sort of content, etc.? Understand that tens of millions of sites around the world are powered by WordPress, from simple personal sites to high-powered commentary sections of the Wall Street Journal. Joomla barely rates compared to that, although I grant some types of content might suit it better.


You can import your posts from a Wordpress dump if you like using a number of Joomla components.

For a migration I usually do something like

  1. Create a different user, enhanced security, secure password, and disable plain ftp access
  2. Shell into the account and mkdir domain.tld under the new user
  3. Create domain say and use the user and directory to host it
  4. Password protect this domain since you’ll be doing development on it
  5. Create a new database user, secure password. Use a different user than your wordpress one.
  6. Install Joomla from the distribution not any one-click installs if they still exist in the panel
  7. During the install don’t use admin as the super user login

Once I’m done migrating and creating the new site and it’s ready to go live

  1. Backup the new site before doing #9. I do this with an mv from the command line: “mv domain.tld staging.domain.tld” in the new user account
  2. Edit the live domains settings to point at the new user. The panel will copy the domain.tld directory to the new user (aren’t you glad we backed-up).
  3. Move the copied domain.tld directory to old: “mv domain.tld old-domain.tld”
  4. Move the staging domain: “mv staging.domain.tld domain.tld”
  5. Then park the