Changing Registrars

I am considering switching my registrar provider over from dreamhost to another service (I don’t know where yet), while keeping my actual hosting on Dreamhost. I would like to do this due to the fact that dreamhost only allows you to pay for your domain 2 years in advance. For SEO reasons I would like to have it reserved for 10 years or so. What is the easiest way to go about this without any service interruptions or is there a way I can simply get an extension with dreamhost?

Contact Sales via the panel and ask about a 10 year renew. It’d be interesting to hear what they say. Funny you can pay for 10 years of hosting here, but not 10 years of domain registration.

You won’t get any service interruption as long as you immediately update the WHOIS info at the other registrar to use the DreamHost name servers.

Thanks for the advice! I will surely do that if I decide to make the move. I will definitely contact dreamhost about renewing for a longer period, as that would be about 1000x easier!

Thanks again