Changing rebill period


hey everyone,

my hosting’s due for renewal, and I notice I can change my billing from annual to monthly - if I do this, is there a minimum contract or anything? if on the offchance I decide to host elsewhere, how much notice would I need to give? (I’m “past 97 days” if that’s any help!)

Sorry if this is addressed elsewhere, I can’t seem to find it…


Changing your billing period to monthly would mean that you have a 1-month contract instead of a 1-year contract (duh!), if that’s what you mean. You should also be aware, however, that your fees will likely go up.

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Hey, it’s not that silly of a question! Apartment rentals are typically for 6-month or annual leases where you pay each month. Tivo service is often contracted at lower monthly rates for a one to three year commitment. Cellular phone service is paid monthly but you’re often under contract for one or two years with a cancellation penalty.

At DH under a monthly plan, your payments are monthly and your contract is month-to-month. I think this means you can cancel anytime during the month but before your next rebilling. If you do change your rebilling, I think that really means you’re signing up for a new plan so you get switched over to the Happy Hosting plan from the Crazy Domain Insane plan or whatever you had before so it would be $10.95 a month.

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Thanks, Lensman, that’s just what I wanted to know :slight_smile: