Changing Python version

as I understand, by default python 2.3 is used.
I’ve added django application, which requires python 2.4 to run. In Django sources I see such path to python:
#!/usr/bin/env python

As I understand, I need to set this variable to /usr/bin/python2.4.
But after
export python=/usr/bin/python2.4
/usr/bin/env python=/usr/bin/python2.4
I see such line in
/usr/bin/env, but
$/usr/bin/env python command runs python 2.3 (not 2.4). How can I set this variable correctly?

Uh… after reading the documentation, it appears that the shebang should be

#!/usr/bin/env /usr/bin/python2.4From man pages:

SYNTAX env [OPTION]... [NAME=VALUE]... [COMMAND [ARGS]...]Your only argument is “COMMAND”

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