Changing plans

Is there some thing on the web panel that allows you to change your plan from bi-annual to monthly?

Yep, go to your Hosting Plans section of Manage Account and click Edit next to your plan entry.


I guess that’s why I can’t find it - it says:

Hosting Plans
(0 hosting plans on this account)
You currently have no hosting plans on this account.

Which I guess is why there’s no edit button. In fact, all the headings there say I have 0 everything. So weird. I have sent a ticket, and written sales, so maybe someone will respond. I SO appreciate YOU responding - you’ve been so helpful. Every little bit gets me closer to getting to the bottom of it.

Have you perhaps logged in with a different user id than the one you used for setting up hosting? Do you actually have any domains hosted here? Do you have any previous invoices listed under this account?

Do a 24 month listing in one of the top sections with an End Date of today.


My usual user ID didn’t work - I found the one I’m using on a e-mail from 06 when we first went on to DreamHost, and it finally let me in, but it has a completely defunct e-mail address associated with it, so it’s very possible it’s not the correct account.

YES, I definitely have a domain hosted here and have since Nov. of 06.
I did the history as you instructed it and shows two payments - the first I made in 06 for 2 yrs of hosting, and the one I made today to cover 3 months - Nov & Dec (overdue) and Feb as an attempt to get things up and running. Considering it’s the wrong e-mail address, I didn’t trust that it’s even the right account so I didn’t want to pay the full amount until I get this cleared up. But the system doesn’t seem to want to recognize anything but the full 2 yr pmt as sufficient to re-enable the account.

Sorry to be so detailed and to usurp so much of your time. I clearly need a human at DreamHost central to help clear this up. I’ve been working on getting site & e-mail back for 12 hrs a day for 5 days.

With MUCH appreciation Scott!

Humans are here: :wink:

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Okay - trying that one now! Thanks!

Got a human! A really nice human. Almost all is resolved.

Oh, do tell! What needed fixing?