Changing Payment

My friend said he would pay for the first year of my site with his credit card. Once he does, can i remove that credit card from my account so he doesn’t get charged the next year? Will the account allow me to have no payment method for the next year intill I get my credit card?

I don’t think you will have too many problems, but it is probably best to ask this question of DreamHost itself, using the contact form linked below;

The Admin Panel does have a Make Payment section that allows you to authorise a recurring payment from a credit card (not necessarily the one you used to initially pay for the account) or make a once only payment from a credit card to your account balance.


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DH will only automatically charge your credit card if you authorise them to, so they wouldn’t charge you even if you still had a card on there. You can remove the card and have no automatic payment option if you want, and you can later add another card which can choose to have automatically billed.

If you wanted you could rely solely on manual payments.

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Thank :slight_smile:
Thats what i was looking for