Changing of Nameserves to point to Cloudflare

I am using Mybb forum.

I didn’t see and I didn’t knew that in Dream host panel is available option for adding cloudflare.

When I registered in Dream Host I deleted the Dreamhost nameservers and I set the nameservers to point directly to the nameservers of Cloudflare. (I was thinking that’s the correct method)
So now I am with Cloudflare nameservers and ssl certificate.

However, my questions:
In DreamHost panel - The extra security option and Removal malware option in section ‘‘manage domain’’ will work normally if I have my nameservers pointing Cloudflare ??

Should I set now the nameservers to point to Dreamhost Nameserves ??

I will be thankful and appreciate any answers, thanks.

You can set the nameservers back to the default DreamHost ones and use the CloudFlare switch in Panel. Switching on extra security is a good idea, too.

Hi ,thanks for the answer
Yes ,i know how to put back the DreamHost nameservers ,

My question is what is the difference between dreamhost nameservers and cloudflare nameservers -
the extra security option will work normally if my nameservers pointing to cloudflare nameservers?

Setting DreamHost nameservers and using the Cloudflare switch has the same effect as using Cloudflare directly. From a user perspective the behavior of your website will be the same.

Extra web security refers to whether or not your local instance will use mod_security. You can read briefly about it in the DreamHost Knowledge Base.

How do I enable Extra Web Security for my website? – DreamHost Knowledge Base

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