Changing nameservers to Godaddy

Hi Guys,

My client wants to change hosting providers to Godaddy. I’ve gone to the domain’s “Modify Whois” and changed “Set DNS info to host your domain elsewhere” to the godaddy nameservers.

I did this about 24 hours ago (the domain is, but everything is still pointing to Dreamhost. Also, in the whois area directly above (“Set DNS info to host your domain at DreamHost”), it still has Dream Hosts nameservers. I didn’t know how to remove these ones.

Please let me know if I’ve done everything correctly, or if not, how to properly point this domain to Godaddy.

Thank you very much!


Using a 3rd party nameserver it looks like the nameservers are pointing to and which I belive are godaddy nameservers.

Good, so that seems to have gone correct.

However the strange thing is that visiting the domain ( still shows the content hosted on Dream Host. And logging into the wordpress backend confirms this.

The new site on godaddy is a clean install of WP.

perhaps the name servers you are using have not caught up yet. nameservers do not all get the update at once. I get the clean install of wordpress when I visit.

Since it’s been more than 24 hours tho, two things to try…

one: reboot your local machine and/or flush your DNS cacheL

two: visit Manage domains in the panel, click the DNS link under that domain and when the next page loads, click the “GO” button under the text “I want to refresh all of ___________ DNS info now! (No more than one refresh is allowed per 12 hours)”