Changing Name Servers

Hi everyone.

I am a complete newbie so struggling here.

I have my site registered and hosted with another host. I want to transfer these to Dreamhost.

I have gone and done something in the CPanel but it is telling me to change my name servers.

Forgive me for being stupid, but where would I do that?



Ah, a newbie like all of us used to be. You’re forgiven.

You have to go to where you registered your domain, like GoDaddy, and change DNS, or Name Servers, to point to,, and

But if you want to transfer even the registration here (which isn’t required), here’s a wiki article explaining the process:


Since the OP mentioned he was a newbie, I think it’s worth mentioning that the OP should add hosting for the domain here so it’s all set when DNS propagates…

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Hi Scott,

Thanks for that! Well, I did the whois thing and it looks like it is prohibited. They have set me a form which I have to sign and send back. (They want to know if there is anything they can do to keep me. PAH! Not!) What is a nominet isd tag?

Will let you know when this is resolved.

What’s your domain? I’d like to check out the WHOIS settings. It’s usually not a hassle to change the DNS (name server) for a domain. Transferring domain registration is a bit trickier, but not required to get your hosting here up and running.


Hi Scott,


I registered it with Easy Internet Solutions and FVS and they are crap.


The current name servers are Did you set that? If you can find how to change that, you’ll be off to a good start.

The part about the domain being locked is a good protective measure. Can you log into the control panel at Easy Internet and make changes to your registration? You’ll have to be able to unlock it, get the Authorization Code, and disable the proxy/privacy setting before you can transfer the registration to here.