Changing MySql Host

The wiki instructions for changing the host name for MySql don’t match the existing interface. Anyone have a step by step direction for modifying the host for the one database? [Both names, the active host and the one I want to become active already exist and are visible. I just don’t know which panel to use, and don’t want to risk screwing up access to the database.]

W Kirkland

It’s really simple. Log into the Panel > goodies > Manage Mysql. Find your database you want to switch the host name for.

Clik the link to add a new host name.
Wait for the new hostname to be accessable from your browser (try accessing the hostname, if you get prompted for a user/pass it’s working. It normally only takes a few minutes, but DH is having some DNS issues right now and it may be delayed.)
Update your scripts to use the new hostname.
Remove the old host name by clicking the little x next to it.

–Matttail - personal website

Thanks. However, when I use the “Add a MySql Hostname” option, I see the existing host name “” and the one I’d like to use “” When I click on the latter, and then on "Create the MySql hostname now! I get an error message: Error: Please enter a sub-domain portion above! I presume this is because “” already exists, and I am trying to “create a new one.” Is there a way to use this name that already exists?

[By the way, is the actual hosted domain if that makes any difference. was a dummy I set up to construct the site before going operational.] is not a database server; it’s just a webserver. Mail’s a bit smarter in that there’s another lookup specifically for mail going to will go to something like

Database access isn’t smart this way. So it needs to use the subdomain so queries go to a database machine. I use for mine.


Re the changing Host for the MYSQL database. I now have a 2nd host, so that this appears

Hostname(s) for this MySQL server: [Add One] [X] [phpMyAdmin] [X] [phpMyAdmin]
(These are interchangeable.)

Can I now delete the one I don’t want, without screwing up access?


As long as none of your web-applications or anything are using the old hostname, then yes you can delete it.

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