Changing My Site's Adress


I bought this domain or web adress ( I think they mean the same thing, don’t they? ) and I named it a litttle hastily and now I want to have another name for my site. Can I do this without it costing me money, I went to delete the site I made and it said something about not being able to get back a site if you used a promotional code when you bought your account which I did. Bottom line " How do I Change my web adress and will it cost me money? "

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The bottom line is that the $9.95 a year domain registration fee is not refundable. You can buy a new domain and it will cost $9.95 for the first year of domain registration. In subsequent years, you can use your free domain registration to renew that new domain. You can just let the original domain you don’t want anymore to lapse and expire.

I didn’t quite understand this part of your post.

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Maybe he’s trying to cancel his hosting account? That’s not necessary if you just want to change your site domain, since Dreamhost allows an unlimited number of domains (whether separately fully hosted, mirror domains of an existing site, or redirected domains) within an account. So you can just register the new domain and set it up as a mirror domain of the old one, and it will work fine; or set up the new one to be fully hosted (so you get a subdirectory that corresponds to the new name) and copy the old site files into it and make the old domain into a redirect.

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Having recently removed a domain from my account, I figured out what the OP is talking about.

The message the Web Panel gives you when you delete a domain says that you won’t be able to re-add the domain to a different account if that other account used a promo code.

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Ahah! That makes perfect sense now. I think that is a good warning … there have been enough cases of people finding that out the hard way. :wink: