Changing my free domain

I’m a happy dreamhost customer 2 years ago. Everything is running fine, but I often ask myself the following question:

“Why I didn’t use promo codes when I signed up?”

Well, that’s not the exact question.

Since I didn’t use promo codes, I’ve choosen badly my only-one free forever domain.

Nowadays, I don’t use that domain anymore. I want to change it (shut it down, register a new one) keeping the “free forever as long as you’re a dreamhost customer ™” status of the domain.

Is there a way to do it from control panel? If I shut down the old domain, and sign up for a new one, where my free domain will go?


I gather that what happens is you effectively get a voucher to renew a domain when the year is almost up that you can choose to either apply to the same domain or a different domain.

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Oh, that’s a good idea.

But it means waiting until the end of the year, which is far away.
A currently working method would be better.

Thanks for your answer!

Domains are paid for in advance, so DH already paid for yours. Just make sure you don’t have it set to auto-renew.



Got it, thank you.