Changing my DNS info

Hello. I am a bit confused … I understand that Dreamhost probably wants me to host my domains here but I have all of them at another registrant and I don’t want to move them. All the pages on setting up the DNS to point to my dreamhost account / site seem to be slanted particularly toward getting folks to transfer their domains here.

I just want to set up the DNS over at so that when people go to, they get the site (under construction) here. My space is on; I have no idea how to set it up over on Right now the domain just forwards to a Flickr photo set; I don’t want forwarding, though, but the domain to actually go to the host. I am totally inept at this sort of thing; can anyone give me simple step by step directions on how exactly to do this?

Dreamhost’s step by step:



Thanks Jason. I feel dumb - searched the forums and KB but missed that.

I have several email addresses set up with the domain; I wonder if I need to change email forwarding etc. over on godaddy too?

DNS change will indeed sens all domain related traffic to Dreamhost, this includes email traffic in addition to http (web).

If you are using go daddy email you’ll definitely want to make sure the transition takes that into mind. If you don’t have many mailboxes with godaddy you may as well move them all over to dreamhost (duplicate the mailbox names/forwarders over here before you make the dns change over there).

If you have more mailboxes/forwarders over there than is handy for you to move and you wanna consider leaving them there, I’d get in touch with support to see if they can suggest a way of doing this that won’t cause you to lose mail. I’ve messed with mail/mx records once, 4 or 5 years ago, so I’m not one to advise anything reagrding that mess. :slight_smile:


Actually, I never bothered to set up any email boxes over there at all - only here on Dreamhost. So, I guess I’m ready to go then!

Thanks for your help everyone. Looks like it’s working smoothly.