Changing Mail User Password via Roundcube

Hello Guys,

Someone can give me a walkthrough of how set up the password plugin in customized Roundcube on DH?
I tried a lots of drivers like chpasswd, sasl, poppassd between others without success.

I’ll be very grateful for any help.



The only ways to change the password of a mail user at DreamHost are through the DreamHost Panel and the Mailboxes page for your domain (e.g, if your domain is There is no way to change the password through a remote client, such as a custom install of Roundcube.

Thanks Andrew.
The only thing that makes me sad is the fact of DreamHost Sales Team sold me the Host like the place with all the solutions i need, and when i accepted their plan, DreamHost became a host company full of limitations. :frowning:
Anyway, thanks a lot.

DreamHost is very limited. I’ve been struggling with their setup for months. Our users need things to be simple, because they are far from tech-savy.

  1. First, I can’t use my own SSL cert for IMAP mail.* servers. It might not seem like a big deal, but your average users whom never had to configure mail on their computer or phone get confused by the SSL cert conflict messages. Remember, most users now use a service that provides an app with everything pre-configure (Gmail, Yahoo, etc), and all they have to do is sign in. Introduce SSL cert messages and all hell breaks loose every time someone updates a phone, tablet, computer, etc.

  2. Second, I can’t install my own Roundcube software at mail.* because DH reserves that for their mx records. There has to be a way for VPS clients.

  3. DH support tells me that I can’t re-purpose webmail.* as my own subdomain for Roundcube. Getting an SSL warning confusing users, and some browsers just lock them out. That sucks, because it’s making my job harder forcing me to be their tech support when I shouldn’t have to be. The technology configuration is way more complicated than it needs to be.

  4. I cannot believe that I can’t have wildcard SSL certs. If I want my own Roundcube installation for each domain at stupidmail.*, I have to buy another cert. If I have multiple domains (which I do), that gets expensive.

  5. Lastly, the DreamObjects service is almost pointless. Can I allocate users based on their email address in order to share the login credentials? Nope. Can I reference stored files from our websites, like a content network? Nope. Can I sync files using their desktop/mobile client? Nope, they don’t have one. Sure, I can make hack OwnCloud to try to get it to connect to DO, and use the OwnCloud sync client, but what about the users who don’t want to have their data sitting on a public facing web-app? I just don’t understand the use-case for DreamObjects. Someone explain to me, please. I’m willing to listen.

Right now I’m forced to continue to use DH, but the minute I have the time/money I’m jumping ship (unless most these issues are resolved). And that’s sad, because I really love the Admin Panel and I’ve been using DH for 10 years. I want to support them, but not if they don’t meet my expectation anymore.

Anyway, here is to hoping (and hoping someone will point out that I over looked something that could help me).

It would be nice if you DM created a RC plugin that simply connected to a DM REST service for changing mailboxes related fields. Then, users can have their own RC installation without users having to eve see the god-aweful mailboxes.*.