Changing location of subdomains


I have installed two instances of wordpress within my domain.

One is the main domain:
The subdomain is

Each one has been created by importing my old blog onto dreamhost.
I did this so I could build /newsite while keeping it hidden, and the main website still functions the same as before.

My question:
Can I change the name of the subdomain to be the new site (By simply taking away the extension at the end)

and still keep the other one by renaming it from

(that way it will become hidden, but I’ll have a backup of the old site)

I hope this makes some sense, dear Dreamhost wise ones. I am new here and have not been able to find the answer to this in the FAQ or threads. Thanks for any links, instructions, or general help you can offer, it’s very much appreciated!!


Are both sites currently under the same or different ftp/shell users? I’m assuming same because of the folder structure.

and for the record you have /newsite in a folder not a subdomain. A sub-domain would be something like

What you’re asking is not too difficult to do but before someone bakes some basic instructions for you we should make sure we are dealing with a single user.

Also do you create relative or absolute links?


Hello, thanks for your very quick reply…
I am not familiar with the terminology, being a newbie, so I’m learning as I go along:
I have a different name and password for each wordpress site, but I only have one domain registered at dreamhost, so I suppose that means this is a single user scenario.

As for the question
Also do you create relative or absolute links?
I am not sure.


So when you say “I have a different name and password for each wordpress site” are you talking about the wordpress dashboard, or the ftp/shell login and password? What’s important here is not the wordpress dashboard login, but where your files are actually stored, that being under one user or two. Did you use the dreamhost one-click installer to install both? or how did the sites get set up originally?

If you don’t know the difference between relative and absolute then I’m sure you have used absolute, because wordpress tends to be that way on it’s own. A relative link is formed something like ./images/blahblah.jpg and doesn’t care if you change the structure above it. Definitely easier if you are going to move the location around later.

For the record, the sub-domain structure is much easier to change over, than the folder structure that you have. There are numerous threads with how to do the sub-domain changeover in the forum. Yours is not a lot different but is going to require using the shell to move folders around rather than just a few renames. Actually tho some ftp clients do have a ‘move to’ function. Do you have an actual FTP client installed on your local computer? If so, which one? Do you also have a telnet/ssh client like PuTTY installed locally?

(I’ll also add a note to others here that my replies will be slow coming today after this one… so if someone else wants to pick up helping jacques_222 please feel free)