Changing Index/directory page

Hello… I am a newbie and have been trying to change my directory page. Right now when I go to my domain (ie it goes directly to a directory page listing out the pages available in my site.

How can I change it so that when I type the URL to my domain, the initial page that shows up is an actual html homepage rather than my directory.

Any guidance would help. Hopefully I didn’t sound confusing. Thanks!

When you FTP in, you’ll see an “” directory. That is where your files belong. In that directory should be an index.html (or index.php) file; not in one of the subdirectories. Without seeing what you’ve described, this is my best guess.


If I knew the domain, I could likely tell for sure, but (in addition to what Scott said), you could just need to review this:

That explains how the server “automagically” loads an actual html homepage rather than a directory.

–DreamHost Tech Support