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I have a friend who had a web design comp. design his site and now for whatever reason they will not be able to host the site anymore. He wants me to be the editor of it and set up hosting for me…my question is…What ALL do I need? Do I actually need him to get all the files and graphics? Please Help!


If you don’t want to start from scratch, you’ll need a copy of his entire domain directory, and a copy of the database, if they’re using one.



What is the way to get the the domain dir. files?? E-mail? What do you mean by database, how do I know if they are using one? How would I transfer the url?


If the site is still live, post a link here so the guys can take a look. That way they’ll be better able to give you a step by step (or blow by blow if it’s your first time) at what you’ll need to do in order to transfer the website over to DreamHost :wink:

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I’m going with the suggestion to post the URL. That’ll even help us figure what needs to be done to change the DNS (name server) for that domain, and/or even transfer ownership of the domain name. Who does own the domain name? The friend, or the people who built the site?

Do you or your friend have FTP access to the site?



K, so the web address is I currently don’t have ftp access to this site however, I think I can get it. The web company that designed it is currently controlling it. Thanks for your help you guys rock :slight_smile:


It appears that the web company owns the registration. The top two priorities would be to transfer the domain into your name. They’ll need to unlock the domain and give you the transfer authorization code. If you’d like to transfer your registration here for $9 or so (and still retain control), you can put in the request here (after they unlock and give you the auth code):

Nice looking website. It looks like it’s static content, so there’d be no database file to copy. Just FTP everything from their domain folder, or even just ask the designer for a CD of everything if they’d kindly do that for you.



Yes, very nice site. And it should be a simple transition.

As Scott said, the first step is to get in touch with the designers and ask them to get everything transferred into your name.

They have Live Chat, phone, and contact details Here

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