Changing FTP User

I want to move one of my domains under different FTP user name, but I am not sure how to do that. Right now, my domains are like this:

User1 >
User1 >
User1 >

I want to change it to:


(Move one domain to different FTP user.)

How could I do this with minimum downtime? I tried to do this on Edit link at Domains > Manage Domains ( but the edit links there are not working.

Thanks in advance.

= Edit =
Now the page loaded and I understand I can change the user from drop down menu of “FTP user / CGI-runs-as user.” … But do I have to upload everything again? Or will the contents be moved as the user name changes?

[quote]How could I do this with minimum downtime?


If service continuity is a proirity I suggest you check with support before making any panel changes - I found recently just changing between Hosted and Mirrored caused over an hour’s loss of service.

You should definatly check with support, I’m not sure what kind of issues ther may be with switching.

As i recall when you switch users, everything is supposed to be moved automatically for you (contect and all) But I also remember doing this when I first started with DH (a bit more than a year ago), and having to upload everything again.