Changing from wordpress to drupal


I have both Wordpress and Drupal installed, and want drupal to show up on my site’ home page, where now wordpress shows up there. I am sure this would be easy if I knew what I was doing: )

Well, it is certianly possible! What directories are Drupal and WordPress set up on presently (can you provide a url/urls to your site?)

It sounds as though WordPress is set up at your site’s “web root” (/home/user/yourdomainname.tld), but where is Drupal installed (possibly /home/user/yourdomain.tld/drupaldirectoryname/ ?).


wordpress is at
drupal is at

I have been logged into find where my installed appliactions are, but I guess that is not the right place to do it. In addition to being a newbie idiot, I also have not touched any of this stuff in 6 weeks so what little I did is gone from my brain. Thanks for your response. Sorry I am so unprepared.

Perhaps if you point me to where would find a listing of what aps I have installed I would be able to figure it out. I don’t even mind erasing wordpress for now if that would make it easier.

That gives enough information to see what is happening and where you applications are installed.

Since neither application as of yet appears to have any data, you will probably find it easier to just delete everything and start over. This gives you a chance to “restructure” your site so that you can put things where you want them without a lot of file copying between directories and editing of config files.

You can change where things are installed, but really, since you have no content or customized themes up yet, starting over would be easier. In addition to deleting all the files and directories, make sure you either delete the database(s) in use or at least drop all the tables (then you could “reuse” the database(s) :wink: ).

You might also consider putting WordPress in it’s own subdomain (such as if you want to put Drupal in the “web root” ( Doing that can make things considerably easier to configure, as you will have less editing of re-write rules to deal with in Drupal’s .htaccess file.

If you really want to “move things around” rather than just start over, there are excellent guides to doing this for both Drupal and WordPress. You’ll find there is an excellent guide to Moving WordPress on the WordPress org codex, and a similar article on moving a Drupal installation to a new directory on the Drupal Website (you might also want to check out this thread from the Drupal Support Forums that discusses moving your installation “up” a directory.

If I were going to do this “manually”, I’d handle the WordPress move first (to get the WordPress files and directories out of the way) and then move the Drupal into the “web root” directory.

However, as I said before, if it were me, I’d just delete the existing installations and do them over from scratch (reinstall them) placing them where I really wanted them this time. :wink: