Changing from mirror to main site


I thought I had it, but I don’t. Here’s what I’ve done and where I am:

  1. I set up a domain ( with 1-click Wordpress install and Thesis theme installed.
  2. I created a mirror ( and then used the wp-admin for that URL to build my site out.
  3. I changed the DNS for in GoDaddy to DH’s DNS and it populated instantly - I put in and I get my new site.
  4. All of the pages work for, although there are some missing photos on one page. Haven’t investigated very far for that. I can link straight to documents, pages, and posts with (taking the .dreamhosters out and everything works).
  5. My main navigation and subscription are still pointing at the mirror (

Please help! I’m not sure how to get everything properly pointing at my domain now.

Thanks so much in advance!

P.S. In my web panel, it looks like is the main site - it has all the FTP, webFTP, etc. links, and does not. Next to, it says, “mirror:”

Thanks, again,

Just in case anyone else runs into this specific issue - DreamHost support solved it for me yesterday and it’s a quick fix.

In my WordPress dashboard --> Settings --> General, the URLs were still pointing at I changed them to, and problem fixed.

Hope this helps someone else!

Im not very familiar with wp. It doesnt have a redirect function?