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Newbie question: I want to remove my email service from gmail, and use the dreamhost web-based service (I only will need a few web accounts). How do I do this? I asked to change from Google in the email admin panel, but I’m still being told that “My email is set up through Google.” What else do I need to do? Thanks for any assistance!

Panel > Mail > Manage Email > CustomMX / Gmail

Hit Edit next to the mail domain you want to switch to Dreamhost.

On the following page click Make me regular now!

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thank you so much for your prompt reply! Now, I have another question … we need to forward our domain email to an outside email address (aol). Is this possible using the hosting email service? It doesn’t appear so. Please confirm, or provide me with info. Thanks once again!

Should be.

Panel > Mail > Manage Email

If you’re setting up individual forwarding accounts, scroll down to “Forward Only”.

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I’m getting errors … it’s asking me for a destination. What do I put there? Sorry for the lame questions… if this is answered somewhere else, please send me a link, if you have it. thanks!!

New Email : somename @

List all email addresses : [color=#00CC00][/color]

Click : [color=#0000CC]Forward to these adresses![/color]

The part in [color=#00CC00]green[/color] is where you put the destination.

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